Prices are shown per month in EURO excluding VAT.

Included features TimeGuru FREE TimeGuru PRO
Monthly subscription 0 EUR 12,5 EUR Includes 1 user
Further users 0 EUR 6 EUR TimeGuru FREE is available up to 10 users
Time tracking Work time, vacation/leave, projects and customers
Dashboard and reports Real time vacation/leave statistics and reports
Planning Schedule tasks and show/finalise directly from worksheet
Mileage Fill out and calculate distance automatically
Time/material invoices Create fixed price and time/material invoices for projects and customers
Support and backup Restore due to user error is billed separately
Employee approval Approve and lock down editing of registrations
Automatic invoices Fully automated invoice creation with many options
Administrative worksheet Administrators can switch user to support and manage user registrations
Mass update Separate work time from billable time and manage across the system
API and Integrations Synchronise data with popular finance and payroll systems
Additional PRO modules Monthly price per system
Economic integration 12,5 EUR Synchronise customers, projects, invoices and products etc.
Valutakurser 6 EUR Real time exchange rates
Payroll integrations 12,5 EUR Integrate using export files or API
Other integrations Feel free to contact us about integration offers