You can get TimeGuru in three different versions: FREE, PRO and Enterprise

TimeGuru FREE (0, -/month)

Your company can use TimeGuru FREE free of charge. This solution includes the most used functions for planning, time registration, leave/vacation/flex time, customer management and invoicing. This means that your company easily and freely can control your resources in a modern online system. Although we do hope that our friendly customer support, education and counsseling, along with integrations and PRO functions, will make you consider a payed subscription when you are ready. We guarantee high flexibility and usability for the best prices on the market. Call or e-mail us if you want to know how easy it is for your company to get started with TimeGuru.

Try TimeGuru FREE now

TimeGuru includes:

  • Startup guide and e-learning videos for a quick and correct setup.
  • The entire system works on pc, tablet and mobile.
  • Time/material with automatic creation of invoices.
  • Come/go with holiday, flex time, leave and project management.
  • Registration of time, km. and expenses gathered in one worksheet.
  • Personal cockpit with current information on leave – and flextime balance, distribution of time, mileage allowance, project memberships, news and so on.
  • Big selection of reports.
  • 100% free and with no time limits up to 10 users.

TimeGuru PRO

A PRO subscription is for companies and publics that wants the optimal conditions for implementing and commissioning the solution. With this subscription, your company will receive proper counselling and help with setup along with unlimited support. Furthermore, this subscription includes the PRO functions, integrations, API and much more. Including integrations to popular economy – and wage systems. Prices from 45, – per user per month.

TimeGuru Enterprise

The Enterprise subscription is for companies that needs a strong platform with the opportunity to further develop the system for own, special purposes. These purposes could be tailor fit versions of the existing screenshot or the development of brand-new functions and integrations.

TimeGuru enterprise is priced individually.

Pricelist 2019 (€)

TimeGuru PRO is payed a month prior. This is a non-binding subscription. The price is calculated based on a standard price + amount per user + possible extra modules.

Price example: In 2019, a TimeGuru solution for 20 users will cost 13 + 2,5 x 6 = 195, -/month, everything included.

Prices PRO subscription

PRO solution 13, –

Price per user 6, –


E-conomic integration 12,- (Try for free all 2019)

‘Live’ exchange rate updates 6, –

Additional services

Get started pack (*) 669, – Offer 468, –

* 1 day for setup and education

Software development TimeGuru enterprise 160, – Offer 135, – /per hour

(The pack includes 1 days help for setup and education)