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About our free version: TimeGuru FREE

TimeGuru FREE is completely free and without time limit for up to 10 people. Credit card registration is NOT required.

When you register the 11. user, you have to activate TimeGuru PRO to continue the use of TimeGuru. TimeGuru FREE contains simple modules that are excellent for smaller companies. Of course, we hope that at some point you want to switch to the PRO version, which includes smart and time-saving features and integrations.

All new solutions are automatically created as TimeGuru FREE, but with all the TimeGuru PRO features the first 30 days, after wich you  have to switch to TimeGuru PRO yourself, if it becomes relevant to you.

Contact our support on +45 71741115 if you want to know more.

Pricelist 2021

Prices are shown per month in EURO excluding VAT.

PricesTimeGuru FREETimeGuru PRO 
System free0 EUR9 EURGrundpris dækker adgang til PRO løsningen efter endt prøveperiode
Price per user0 EUR6.5 EURPrice per active user in PRO systems
FeaturesTimeGuru FREETimeGuru PRO 
Time registration / trackingYesYesWork time, come-go, vacation/leave, time spent on projects and customers.
Wage supplements and overtime YesFlexible and customized setup which ensures error-free registration.
Holidays / Leave registrationYesYesAlso supports new holiday law. Including real-time statistics.
Holiday request and approval YesPerfect overview of earned, held and planned holidays, care, senior, etc.
Dashboard & ReportsYesYesAccess to holiday statistics, flex time and reports in real time.
Planning YesDay plans as fully integrated in Time Registration.
Mileage allowanceYesYesAutomatic filling and distance calculation.
InvoicingYesYesCustomer and project invoicing based on fixed rates and elapsed time.
Support & BackupYes(*)Yes(*) support to a reasonable extent.
Automatic invoicing YesFully automatic invoice delivery / subscriptions for customers and projects.
Employee and manager approval YesApprove and lock hours, surcharges, mileage and expenses before payroll and billing.
Administrative timesheet YesAdministrator can simulate other users for quick support and corrections.
Mass update YesSeparate employee time from billable time and update easily across the system.
API & Integrations YesClose integration with well-known financial and payroll systems.
Optional PRO modulesMonthly price per system 
Budget Module12.5 EURSales budgets for customers, employees, product groups and more.
CRM and Lead Generation12.5 EURKeep track of Customer activities, pipeline and follow-up
User integration12.5 EURAzure AD, Dynamics, Office/Microsoft 365 and more.
Integration financial system12.5 EUREconomic, Navision, C5, SAP and more.
Integration payroll system12.5 EURDanløn, Dataløn, Visma-Bluegarden, KMD perspektiv, Lessor and more.
Other integrationsContact us if you want an offer on an integration.