What is TimeGuru resource management?

TimeGuru time registration and resource management eases the planning and management of the company’s resource consumption.

  • In short, TimeGuru is all about making the planning, registration and report process easy.
  • TimeGuru offers user friendly modules that are all connected, for detailed management opportunities.
  • The solution is often utilized when the economy system’s functions becomes too simple.
  • TimeGuru is available 24/7 in the cloud (SaaS).
  • All modules work the same way on all devices (Responsive).
  • Supports external and internal employees with optional language and login method.

When using TimeGuru, it is up to the individual company to choose how advanced they want to manage. Many companies start off by simply using the registration module for work hours, vacation and leave. Afterwards, many further wishes to plan and create automated monthly invoices.

Adapt the worksheet to your needs

  • Activate modules for time, mileage and expenses.
  • Show/hide boxes for customer, project, activity and comment.
  • Select if the boxes should be mandatory.
  • Subtract lunch automatically.

The worksheet has many great functions

  • Copy/paste registrations.
  • Daily plan with the opportunity to notify completion of task and registrate automatically.
  • End start/stop time directly in the overview.
  • Automated calculation of mileage with the ‘Google Maps’ integration.

Why manage your resources?

  • Increase your knowledge on the business and hereby lay the foundation for an effective optimisation.
  • Employees’ access to information in real-time will save time and signals successful management.
  • Show solicitude towards employees by spotting build-up of leave and flextime.
  • Avoid oversights of billable time with daily registration and follow-ups.
  • Prevent bottleneck problems by planning resources and economy.
  • Satisfy your customers with correct and well-documented customer management and invoicing.

Internal management of employees

  • Planning of tasks.
  • Time registration, mileage and expenses.
  • Holiday and leave registrations.
  • Reports and follow-ups.

Customer- and project management

  • Plan projects.
  • Book employees on customers.
  • Time registration, mileage and expenses.
  • Separate work hours from billable time.
  • Automatic monthly invoicing.
  •  Reports and follow-ups.

Internal and external management can be used simultaneously.

TimeGuru offers time registration, holiday and leave, along with project – and customer invoicing. + Much more.

How to implement TimeGuru

  • As a customer, you can create and configure TimeGuru yourself, without the help from our consultants.
  • It is possible to buy additional help for setup, instruction and unrolling of TimeGuru, apart from the guides and e-learning videos.
  • You can start out very simple and grow with the system (See example below).
  • It is possible to adjust the system further than what is already possible as default.
  • As a customer, you can integrate data via TimeGuru API yourself.

Example on a simple start-up (Takes about 1-2 hours)

  • The system is created and adjusted.
  • An e-mail will be sent to the employees with information about guidelines and help with the system.
  • Employees receives an invite and gets set-up. 
  • Registration of work hours, vacation and leave can begin.

Expanded usage of the system can include

  • Registration on customers and projects.
  • Automatic monthly invoicing and subscriptions.
  • Attached pricing structures on planning and consumption.
  • Use planning with integration to the worksheet.
  • Integrate modules to other systems (customers, projects, invoicing, etc.)