Reports for any purpose

With the TimeGuru dashboard and reports, you have a full overview of the company’s planning, resource use, billing and follow-up. All reports is built of the same flexible functions and export options. With TimeGuru reports you get:

  • User friendly reports that can be printed and exported.
  • Optional accrual with easy access to the most used periods such as “last month”, “this week” and so on.
  • The system will remember your report settings for next time.
  • Optional set up of shown columns.
  • Add one or more filters to limit the data you see.
  • Use grouping to divide data per department, customer, employee or similar.
  • The layout works on all devices (pc, tablet and phone)
  • ‘live’ access to statistics over acquired leave and untaken leave along with flex balance.

Dashboard example

The employee’s personal dashboard can be set up with optional modules. It could look like below. The content adapts automatically to pc, tablet and phone:

The employees can choose what modules should be visible in their dashboard. They can choose between numbers, tables and charts for flex balance, leave, projects, news, expenses, mileage and much more…

Example on reports for time registration

Below you can see an example of a report with explanations on all the smart functions:

Flexible reports with optional period, filters and sorting. Export the data to PDF or Excel for further working.