It is easy to keep track of holidays, leave and flextime!

TimeGuru is the ideal solution for keeping track of employees work time, flextime, holiday and leave. In the personal dashboard, updated information about earned and spend holidays are readily available along with flex time balance and much more. The worksheet works perfectly with both public sector and private organisations. Some of the many advantages of registering flextime and holiday in TimeGuru are:

  • Market leading worksheet usability with full support for mobile, tablet and PC. (no app needed)
  • Live access to flextime balance, earned and spend holidays as well as distribution of work time.
  • Holiday planning for all employees, groups or individuals. (No time registration necessary)
  • Centralised and updated overview of earned and spent holidays per employee.
  • Follow up on flex balance progress over time for the company,departments and employees.

Adapt the system to your company’s needs

TimeGuru offers individual setup of holidays and leave. Earning and spending periods are defined for the whole company, groups or individuals. This is helpfull when setting up for union agreements and other earnings like senior days and education etc.

We have created a video that will help you set up holidays in TimeGuru: Holiday setup

If you need help setting up holidays, please feel free to contact us for help.