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Create a department

Create departments and attach colleagues to them. A department has a department leader and a department colour in the planning module. Reports and planning can be grouped or filtered per department.

See video: Create a department

Edit a user

When a user accepts the invitation for the company’s TimeGuru system, he/she will be visible in the user list. As an administrator, you have access to the company specific information. For example when leave and flextime is calculated from, access level and department.

See video: Edit a user



Create a project group

Project groups is used for gathering projects or project hierarchies across the system. You can use this if you for example wish to have an overview of projects of a certain type, across customers, project leaders or other dimensions.

See video: Create a project group

Create an activity

This video will show you how to create activities for time registration. Activities is often used for internal registration or for registration on customers and/or project where you want to differ between the type of work. Cost elements with “cost price”, “sales price” and “valid from date” can be attached to activities for invoices and economy reports.

For example, a revision company could divide their activities into bookkeeping for a specific hourly wage and revision for another hourly wage. Then when the monthly invoicing for the customer comes around, you can create invoice lines respectively for bookkeeping and revision. The system will already know the prices. Price regulations are made on attached cost elements and will automatically take over on the selected date.

See video: Create an activity

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