Video: Time Tracking

With the smart worksheet you can easily get an overview of the week, regardless if you use pc, tablet or mobile. The time registration can be used simple for flextime and leave, or more advanced for project management and invoices. You can attach a cost and sales price on multiple levels and price regulation is conducted central. It will replace the old price from the selected date in the entire system. Compare actual time with planned time for ongoing optimisation of the company’s performance.

See video: Time registration


Video: Create an expense

Here you can see how easy it is to register expenses and attach invoices in the worksheet. Expenses are often used if you have paid privately and you need to get the amount disbursed, or if you have a company credit card. It is also possible to select, if it is a customer who needs to pay for the expense.

See video: Create an expense

Video: Photo registration

With photo registration you can add photos to your work. You can use photos to show progress in projects or for quality assurance (before/After) and much more. Photos gives the timeline-reports a little spice, that makes it exciting for your colleagues and leaders to follow up on the project. Through the timeline, it is also possible to follow activities across the system or for each of the projects, customers and employees etc. Photo registration is available via the device’s camera or upload from the photo card-index.

See video: Photo registration in the worksheet 

Video: Create a project

Projects are used for planning, registrations, invoices and economy follow-up. Build project hierarchies with optional depth, by attaching projects to a main project. Use project groups to gather projects and project hierarchies across other dimensions. You can deactivate the project module, if you wish to start up with a simple planning and registering. (It can always be activated in the settings if the need occurs).

See video: Create a project

Video: Create a customer

Create customers to use in customer – and project management, planning, time registration, invoice and reports. You can time register directly for a customer or you can attach projects to customers for further division.

See video: Create a customer

Video: Mileage registration

When registering mileage, the start address is automatically filled out with the company address. Likewise, the end address is filled automatically when choosing a customer. when TimeGuru register that start and end date is filled out, the system will calculate the mileage. All inputs can of course be updated manually if you have changes for the automatic information. If you need to register mileage for the same start and end date multiple days in a row, you can use the copy/paste function in the worksheet. Then it will only take a couple of seconds to register mileage.

See video: Mileage registration

Vacation and holiday setup

Vacation and holiday setup

TimeGuru supports new rules and regulations for earning and spending vacation. Configure earned and spend periods, spanning across years, for precise setup of any rule. You can even apply the rules to the whole company, groups or individuals. The setup can also be utilized for earning and spending of education days etc.

To set up vacation types, click the settings icon in the top right corner, choose “Vacation types” and “Create new”.

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