User level (compare user roles)

User level (compare user roles)

The table below shows a comparison of the standard roles in TimeGuru. But first, here is a short explanation:

User role is used by normal users to administrate their own time, vacation and leave. This role will only have access to their own data and a vacation plan for their department.

Department leader has access to the same as the user. The difference is, they can edit and approve worksheets and requests made by the users in their department. Furthermore, the department leader can see statistics and reports from the department.

Super user can help support TimeGuru. This user can also correct, approve and delete registrations and requests across the system. Additionally, this user also has access to reports and data exports across all users and departments. The super user cannot change system setup, users and integrations.

Administrator has access to all areas of TimeGuru. This corresponds to super user + access to system setup, administrator tools, user setups and integrations.

Access User Department leader Super user Administrator
My Dashboard x x x x
Worksheet x x x x
Customers Seller role x x x
Projects Project leader role x x
Vacation overview x x x x
Planning x x x
Reports Own Department x x
Invoice x x
Administration x x
Settings x

Special roles

Guest user has extremely limited access. This role can use the worksheet and My Dashboard. Personal reports are not available.

Project leader has the same access as the user role + the project module.

Seller has the same access as the user role + CRM module.